One of the key starting points in designing apartments and the entire building as a whole is the relationship between light and the interaction of indoor and outdoor spaces. By using tall windows that stretch from floor to ceiling, an unobstructed view is provided. When these large windows open towards the loggias, the indoor space seamlessly transforms into an outdoor space, and vice versa. Angled walls facing the loggias direct the view towards attractive areas in the landscape.

The ground floor is elevated to ensure that the apartments on this level have the same quality as those on higher floors, providing sufficient privacy. The staircase is centrally located, serving as a buffer zone between the apartments, which ensures the privacy of each unit.
The living areas of the apartments are positioned on the sunny, „open“ side and, while functionally divided into kitchen, living room, and dining areas, they function as a single, integrated space designed for gatherings and socializing. The resting and sleeping areas are placed on the quieter, ideal northeast side and are separated by a private anteroom, providing maximum privacy.

Structurally, the entire building is designed with reinforced concrete walls and monolithic reinforced concrete ceiling slabs. The thermal envelope is designed with natural, state-of-the-art materials from renowned manufacturers, ultimately making the building energy-efficient with an A+ energy rating.
All exterior joinery in the building is made of elegant aluminum profiles with thermal breaks from a reputable German manufacturer, and features triple-glazed windows, achieving an overall Uw value of 1.3 (W/m²K). All openings are equipped with mosquito nets and electrically operated shutters.
Most of the finishing materials and equipment are of top quality and are ultimately subject to the buyer's choice.

Our interior designers have prepared this design proposal to draw the look of BELVEDERE apartments close to you. In this way you can easily visualize life in your new home. Look into the interior of the apartments so you could easily plan the look of your future home.
To learn as many necessary information as you need, you can see the status and details of each apartment by simply moving the mouse pointer to each of them.