Privacy policy

The text below explains the conditions under which user data delivered by filling in our form shall be gathered and used.

If you do not agree with the contents of the text that follows, please do not enter your personal data on this website under any circumstances.

The purpose of gathering data by way of this form is to make contact with the User and keep him/her informed of our activities. We are allowed to use all data submitted by the User for the purpose of sending information, notifications and promotional material on the products and activities we offer.

The User agrees to be delivered data on our activities on a periodical basis. All user data shall be kept strictly confidential and shall be used only for authorized purposes. In no case shall we deliver or disclose user data to third parties.

Inquiries by the authorised services of the police and judicial authorities of the Republic of Croatia in case of investigation on the basis of a valid court order are an exception to the above rule.

We always give our users a choice regarding the use of their data, including the possibility to choose whether they want their data to be removed from the lists used in marketing campaigns or not.

You can request access to your data, modification or deletion of your data at any time. For any information about your data, modification or deletion of your data, please send an e-mail to: